The second edition of the Parees festival held in Oviedo has come to be one of the urban art events with the greatest reception on Spanish territory.

Seven artists has taken on the task to bring color to seven new walls in the capital of Asturias. Roc Blackblock, Alfalfa, Taquen and Xav where the names representing the national level, and they where accompanied by Uruguayan Alfalfa and Colectivo Licuado, Portuguese Kruella d’Enfer and Italian Andrea Ravo Mattoni.
The interventions has been the axis of an event where various outstanding activities also had been held to encourage the direct participation of the citizens, as for example the memory workshop focused on people over 65 held by Raposu Roxu. The popularity of the event was clearly reflected in how fast the places were taken.

There is no doubt that one of the biggest impacts came from from the work of Andrea Ravo Mattoni. In line with his style which reproduces great classic paintings in mural format, the Italian here filled a building side facade with a fragment from ”The triumph of Bacchus”, one of the most famous paintings by the Spanish Baroque painter Diego Velázquez.
The content of Parees has more to offer through constant renovations, and during the coming months a mural dedicated to Leopoldo Alas “Clarin” will be made in the same city. Twee Muizen are the artists selected after a competition held to choose the artist in charge of the job.

Photo credits: Mirahaciaatras and Fernando Alcalá.

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