The hyperrealistic graffiti starts from a very simple idea and base, but its practical application becomes very complicated: the reproduction of portraits or images with a photographic fidelity. In this sense, these types of representations seem to leave no room for the artist’s style or personality, it basically consists of a work of technical reproduction. But it is more than that, and the case of Owen Dippie is a great example.

This New Zealander artist demonstrates a technique of prodigious realism, but still presented with a perfectly recognizable style. It may be due to the softness of the fades he applies, and the absence of strong contrasts, or perhaps the dimensions in which he usually present his works. When we see a work by Owen Dippie we can identify its authorship, even though it is difficult to point out its specific characteristics of style.

We recently had the honor to have him visit us at the facilities of Montana Colors, so it occurred to us to make this our Instagram account recommendation for this week.

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