Calligraphic style muralism was a pending segment in the stylistic repertoire presented by Contorno Urbano with their 12+1 project. Jimmy Alcala aka ASU was the chosen creator to initiate this section within the project located at La Torrassa bridge. The French-Spanish artist utilizes a distinctive aesthetic within this artistic methodology and it offers a new experience within this series of murals.

At first glance, the importance of circles is reminiscent to works by other calligraphic artists with a similar style such as Said Dokins, Inocuo and Taioba. However, it’s the more personal characteristics that we appreciate such as the exaggerated meshing of meticulous lines, woven together like a puzzle, and the dynamic aesthetic given by the unidirectional pattern in the background. In addition, his style is remniscent to Middle Eastern cultures, but also of spirituality that’s more typical of East Asia. The work invites the spectator to contemplate the artist’s process in a true exercise of Zen meditation. Pay close attention to the gold linework captured by David B Rock and painted with MTN Liquid… the feeling is truly rewarding.

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