• Name: Birdcap (Michael Roy)
  • Crew: SDS
  • City-country: United States
  • Active since: I started painting on walls in 2013.  I painted seriously since early on in high school though, so maybe 2003.
  • Motivation to paint: It’s a simple sort of love. If you can go out and paint the day feels like it wasn’t wasted. Painting is a receipt of your time spent trying to improve, even if it’s at something ultimately frivolous. As complicated as life can be, there’s something centering about investing your time in a craft and being able to look back at the progress.
  • Message: My work takes a lot from myths. I think we as humans want to fill that void that myths, folktales, and religion used to occupy. Science is wonderful but it doesn’t always entertain the narrative and interpersonal relationships that it’s predecessors did. Social media is sort of the new filler for it but I grew up just before that explosion. I want to make work that ties together a childhood in front of the television watching Saturday morning cartoons and Sundays mornings spent in a church. I like to combine these ideas with an admittedly goofy but sincere reverence for the importance of myth and fantasies throughout human history; a pantheon that creolizes modern myths with the classics. Zeus with Bart Simpsons shoes.

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