It seems that these people never gets enough.
Not enough with the Més que Murs, Poliniza or Mislatas Representan, or with being home of so many great contemporary artists like Escif, Veak, Pichiavo or the Royals among others, the Valencians show that they are still hungry for graffiti, and once again Pinturas Herval is there to satisfy us with material.

The distributor of Mtn in Valencia – with three points of sale in the city – has decided to pay tribute to the mostly sunny city, has joined forces with the brand it represents and has created the event “Valencia is Funky” that was held in November.

On this occasion the weather was not of the better kind, but despite the rain Derk, Ezk, Krome, Apes, Fore, Duke103, Soez, 2Nez, Freskales, Yeko, Close, Sink, Dime y Opio, made the motto ” Graffiti can not be stopped ” strong, and showed us all that Valencia is very Funky. We leave you with some graphic material so you can check it out for yourself.
Although we recommend that you visit the city and put your name up sometime.

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