• Name: Gamo
  • Crew: PM JPP’s
  • City-country: Marseille-France
  • Active since: 2004
  • Personal motivation/message: I paint mostly characters, but sometimes I like to make some throw-up to relax and enjoy; it depends of the mood.  I mix animals skulls and humans in different situations but I never reflex so much on a wall (except in some rare case); it’s more about feeling and freestyle… I’ ve always been attracted by doing big paintings with my friends and differents graffiti artist I’ ve meet on my way. I like this possibility that we have in this art, to mix and create with people we never saw before! It has always been a source of motivation. In my city it’s quiet easy to paint in the street so I made the most of my painting in my neighborhood, for now I spend my time between my studio and some walls with some  good breaks for chilling!! (I’m from the south so I’m also a bit lazy).

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