• Name: STOM500
  • Crew: JPP – Highlinerz
  • City-country: Strasbourg – France
  • Active since: I started to paint in 2011 – 2012 I don’t remember exactly when but some cool guys, Wise and Jupe.
  • Personal motivation/message: My first motivation in graffiti is to share a moment and to create something in a huge surface and drink some beers with cool people. I’m always loving it! I work as an illustrator and artist painter and I paint a lot of animal and differents objects. It take a long time to prepare illustrations or canvas, so long time in studio inside. After that I like to travel to meet other people. My caracters are always happy or in  a stupid situation. My first inspiration are the cartoon, kids illustrations and crazy illustrations. My totem and favorite animals is the bee. I use this animal to create curently some light in my painting. The bee is the only message in my work about the thing that a lot are dying and without them the humanity can’t live for long time. I try to work a lot composition with a couple of animals, so there is no real story but everyone can imagine is own story.

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