This past December, SprayPlanet USA’s blog published an interview with the Californian artist, Hueman. Her visit to the store for her MTN Limited Edition can presentation was the perfect moment to exchange questions with this North American street art celebrity. Below, we bring you her answers regarding her origins, way of working, influences and some other intriguing facts. By the way, Hueman’s MTN spray can was a huge success. We ran out of stock within the first two weeks…

““human” also describes the way I feel when I’m outside painting walls.”

As expected, the name Hueman derives from a play on words with “human”, an alias she started using when her wall work became more constant. This activity emerged as a way to escape the tedious graphic design work which kept her hooked up to a computer for 14 hours a day, causing her to feel like a robot. “I’m a human, not a robot”, is the phrase that describes the feeling she gets when she paints walls.

“I’d describe my work as a dreamy mashup of abstract and realism, or as I like to call it “etherealism”.”

Humean’s work can be defined as a “mashup” of abstract realism, which she herself calls, “etherealism”. Psychedelic, insatiable color offers us a dreamlike sensation by means of organic shapes. This style is the result of an entire lifetime dedicated to artistic expression, and according to her, this passion for art goes all the way back to her childhood.

Although they possess a highly abstract component, Hueman’s works tend to have an aesthetic that melds well with the landscape where they are located and often carry a message about the community or of the building’s inhabitants where they are placed. Often, these messages can be explained literally through texts included in the design.

As a kid growing up I was really into René Magritte, so I think that’s probably where I get my obsession of painting clouds from.

In terms of inspiration, Hueman uses natural elements such as clouds, water or rainbows for the backgrounds of her murals. She attributes her personal obsession with clouds to a childhood fondness for the surrealist painter, René Magritte.

As for some very specific tastes, the Californian artist mentioned that she has a special predilection for science fiction films, as well as for Shin-Sen-Gumi Ramen in Little Tokyo (LA). The future? Hueman hinted that sculpture will probably be one of her upcoming endeavors.
If you would like to read the full interview here’s the link.

Pictures taken from Hueman’s Instagram.

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