Since we launched his MTN Limited Edition, Itsaliving has been involved in several large-scale mural projects that have brought their recognizable calligraphies to gigantic scales. The format is everything but new to the Mexican artist, but these days it seems to be much more frequent in his work.

His last intervention of these characteristics has been made in collaboration with All City Canvas for Parque La Ruina, a restoration establishment located in Hermosillo, Sonora. The artist based in New York, returns to his Mexican roots with a perfect positive message for the new year where he calls on us to “To Dream”.

On the other side of the lens, the photographer Sebastian Valdez Gomez could not have shot a better series of photographs of this intervention. In addition to some images that brings us directly side to side of Itsaliving during the creational process, and the spectacular final photos of the project seem like authentic artistic postcards in which the sunset becomes complicit in the colors of the letters. Like images from a dream, never better said.

It’s a great moment to announce the solo show that Itsaliving presents at the Tokyo Jinkinoko gallery. His characteristic cursive calligraphy style will travel to the other side of the world for a exhibition supported by Montana Colors, and the exhibition will last from January 12 to 27.

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