The naturalist painting art returns to the wall of La Torrassa‘s bridge by the hands of Lily. Contorno Urbano our starts the new year with a video strarred by the artist from Lérida in what is one of the last episodes of 12+1 in 2018. Faithful to her naturalistic style, Lily gives the neighborhood of L’Hospitalet a customized postcard that encourages contemplation through a composition where nature and domesticity are both present.

The fact that the piece is located in a place of transit, such as the bridge of La Torrassa, it works very well in with the content of the representation. In the artists own words: “the work invites meditation, rest and relaxation, and to think about self-respect and find moments of peace and solitude to read or enjoy intimacy, something rare and necessarily good.”

Photo credits: Clara Antón.

Lily was born in Lleida, Catalonia, and explains her figure as an artist in the following way: “I can not define myself as a designer, artist or graffiti writer, I consider myself a creative person and enjoy any medium of graphic expression. People usually paint when they are younger, but they forget it as they grow up. Fortunately, it has remained in my mind and painting has always been my preferred form of expression, my way of explaining what I can not explain with words. ”

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