For the inauguration of their new sales point in Ibiza, Pinturas Rubio has launched an artistic event with two of the most famous graffiti artists on the island: Jerom with his figurative art and the writer Hosh with his mix of vintage and pop art.

Pinturas Rubio is a landmark on the island of Ibiza, and it has been open for more than 35 years for this beautiful and famous island of the Mediterranean and its festivals, beaches and its people. It is called the ”white island”, but the island is still full of color, and Pinturas Rubio is the main supplier of it!

This 2019 they start out big with their new store in the warehouse of Can Negre in the town of Santa Eulalia. In this store you have a large selection of MTN products, and there you can find the full range of Hardcore, 94, Speed, Mega, Maximo, Water Based, Nitro 2g … In addition to the complete assortment of MTN markers, such as the Water Based Markers, Street Markers, Graphic Markers, inks, refills and all kinds of accessories.

To start off with their new project, they have invited two true Ibiza talents to decorate the new store: the teacher of realistic and figurative graffiti Jerome, and the graffiti writer Hosh, well known for his style in letters and great skill in graphics. Both of which lives on Ibiza. Both artists has given us two murals of enormous proportions, each one in its own style, but with one element in common that also unites the project with the main objective of Rubio Pinturas: color!

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