We have already fully embarked into 2019 and still haven’t mentioned our calendar. For this year, Tramontana Magazine generated the content that accompanies the twelve pages of each month.

Each month includes a photograph, a quote and pertinent information regarding the spread such as the photographers name, the featured protagonist, the author of the text and more details of interest. This great selection of images speak for themselves, and it’s a terrific way to launch a sample of what you can expect inside the second issue of this free magazine edited by Montana Colors.

Blade, Suso, Buny, André, Imon Boy, Delta, Mecro, Aec, Os Gemeos, Smithe, Mind, Escif and Rime will appear throughout the year to accompany you through every month of 2019. As always, you can ask for your free calendar at your nearest Montana Colors retailer. In the meantime, we would like to announce that there’s not much time left before the second issue of Tramontana will be dropping, so stay tuned.

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