Nase is responsible for bringing the technical precision of the Dutch crew, POPS, of Buenos Aires, making its streets part of his landscape. After almost ten years having passed since he settled in Argentina, Nase has developed his own artistic language, fueled by his constant exercise in letters. So we’ve asked him to share his three best pieces with us, and here they are. These three works cover his three main ways of working: graffiti on the street, abstract muralism, and trains. Pure viewing pleasure.

“MTN asked me for my 3 favorite works so I had to go through all my photos of paintings, graffiti, murals and trains from the past couple of years.”

“It was fun looking at all the old works and remembering all the trips, good times with friends and adventures that you often forget about too quickly.”

  • “The last couple of years I’ve been more focused on creating abstract murals and works for galleries than painting graffiti, but it is something I will never get out of my system. That’s why I chose this train as my first Ace. A great moment in 2018 with one of my best friends, Mr. Same!”

  • “The second photo is a Bimbo truck I painted in 2017 in Buenos Aires where I currently live. Even though I’ve painted better walls, this truck is an absolute favorite of mine. It also marks a moment in my life where I definitely transformed my style and state of mind from painting graffiti to focusing completely on abstract works.”

  • “As my third ¨Ace¨ I chose this mural from 2018, a public artwork commissioned by the City of BA. It’s definitely my favorite work from the past years where my design, the surface, shape and layering of the wall just came together perfectly.”

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