Seven months after they published the trailer, Bamcontent finally released a video entitled Highly Likely, a report on the adventures of the Russian group BUNT in action on German speaking territories. It is a 30-minute superproduction, sensational both at a technical level and its rhythm, aesthetics and content.

It starts out with a action made in the Vienna underground, where the BUNT group members got to learn some of the different mechanisms of the actions made by the local writers. This way sharing different adventures while they paint on various types of trains and metro models. Particularly interesting are the comparisons between Russia, Germany and Austria regarding the difficulties and its consequences, and the way that different writers from different places gets organized and tackle the situations.
Do not miss the part showing the Berlin metro where we see some interesting cameos that will not let you close your eyes for a second. And, of course it was carried out using MTN Water Based

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