The perfect aesthetics and calculated design make this wall seem like a commissioned job, but it’s not. It’s the result of Zhars’ recent project with his friend Eduars; a striking conceptual mural that displays excellent dominion over different illustrative techniques.

Zhars and Eduars have been painting for more than 20 years and decided to begin 2019 with a production that proposes a reflection on the concept of reality.

In terms of content, the work can give rise to a multitude of interpretations revolving around the concept of what is real and what is imaginary, and how the mind can distort and contaminate “our” reality. Simultaneously, this exercise may serve as an analogy for those of us whose artistic trajectories have origins in graffiti culture, which over the years has evolved towards new directions. It’s a way to meditate on the ego, executed from a more complex plane, but in essence, it’s about assertion of the individual.To sum up the project, as usual we had help from our friend Victor Illan, who was responsible for taking the photos and doing the video that you can see below, which outlines the whole mural development process.

The result is a wall that surprises you on different levels. On the one hand, because of its use of a realistic technique, and on the other hand because of the personal illustration style, but above all because of the way it materializes the message by something as simple as having placed the subject matter upside down.

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