Contra, Oker and Asno are three Portuguese graffiti writers who become a single artistic entity when they join forces. They’ve left the letters aside for a second to embark on some abstract experimentation in the artistic realm. Low Class Club is the name the trio has dubbed for themselves, creating stylistically harmonious collages.

Circus Network, a creative agency based in the city of Porto, proposed a challenge to the collective to carry out a clandestine mural project using only the most recent colors released in the MTN 94 range.
The wall reflects the essence of Low Class Club’s eclectic style, a still life that presents various methods of painting on the wall using both spray paint and brushes and places special emphasis on painterly gestures by mean of minimalist elements. The result include some independent elements that allow to interact with the work.

Inevitably, and because of the use of this color range, we are reminded of the wall painted by Emak with the new 94 hues. In this case we find a diametrically opposite creation, but it shows the unlimited versatility of the new colors which expand the possibilities of the 94 range.

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