The “Tres Ases” section is one of our favorites, and not just because it’s a way to get to know the writers’ styles who participate. It’s also a great way to dig deeper into their personalities and what it is they value in their own graffiti. In doing so, we can grasp the logic of their style. Beast is an example.

“When I was asked to select 3 of my best pieces I thought about going back in time and looking for my old train pieces or other unseen stuff. I’ve been writing in my area for * years and i’ve done a little bit of everything: burners on the tracksides, throw-ups in the street, nice e2e’s on regional trains and so on. But honestly, I’m a person who lives in the present. I rarely look at old photos and enjoy my style journey, trying to achieve better flow each time. So i decided to submit only stuff from the last month… Here are my best ones from this period.”

  • “Great sunny winter day. I was hanging around alone with a couple of cans and a bucket of house paint, looking here and there for a nice spot. This wall caught my attention for its unusual shape. My goal was to make the letters fit that strange space in a natural way. I like this piece cause it came out spontaneously, saving me from a tedious afternoon, and because it reflects my approach to graffiti: solid and simple.”


  • “I did this one recently. It is part of a wall with an incredible lineup. Good friends, great styles, some beers. Sadly for you, you will see just mine, and it’s far from being the best one. The only thing I planned was to use a white outline because I’ve always been in love with it. I’m glad I brought some really bright colors with me because in this case, it made the difference: simple design and connections are highlighted by the color scheme.”

  • “This secret spot is lovely. It’s a bridge next to a tunnel and a little station…The railway runs close to the sea, so you can actually see it and smell it… It’s romantic, and it is a perfect spot to bring a girl and watch the sunset! But sadly, despite the fact that I’m indisputably handsome, I’m not so smart… so I went there with one of my ugly partners in crime. I did some straight lines first with the roller before doing the fill-in quickly. Then I just used a leftover pink to put in some designs. The bridge’s rocks are so beautiful that the piece didn’t need background, just a black outline.”

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