• Name: Nemo & Meki
  • Crew: Animales Poder Cultura [APC] / Animales Poder Cultura [APC] y Bestia
  • City-country: Both from Lima, Perú
  • Active since: 2004 / 2005
  • Personal motivation-message: First of all, it’s fun. It is something that you begin to do and if you like it, you will continue doing it while you can. It does not have an end.
    It is an activity that takes you out of the ordinary, you are not framed by what you are told to do to have fun. It lets you inhabit your city in another way. In Lima, for example, we live in a very large city, with many contrasts and multicultural. It happens a lot that with another type of activity you stay always in circuit that covers little of how much you can know here. With Graffiti you go everywhere. It gives you a more crude tour of the city. It’s like that in the city itself and also when we travel. It is something that motivates us because it brings out the most sincere of places. Not only what is hidden behind the route suggested by travel agencies. It is also a motivation to paint in places we do not know. In these tours we have also found people very active in sharing culture and values ​​with communities left aside through the culture linked to the hiphop. It has motivated us a lot to be able to support through what we do to different groups of Peruvian hiphop that we admire a lot: they make a constant and praiseworthy activity where least one expects.
    We are traveling a lot, always looking for the next spot. It is something that we feel is a sincere action. That does not seek to please everyone, or conform to the new fashion / galleries or trends etc. It is what it is.
    We feel as part of a global community of people who identify with the same and we understand in the search of unique personal and aesthetic styles the formation of our own language. It would be a language of symbols and a lot of information. Something that adapts to the evolution of thought and communication of the new generations. A more guttural language, of colors and shapes, with a lot of information in a short time. Perhaps today it becomes more natural to relate to expressions such as Graffiti and Street Art in the street, than a Renaissance painting in the museum.
    We understand Graffiti as something that is not related to Street art. Unwinding in both is a practice that you graph this very clearly. They are two different universes that adjoin sometimes in locations and materials. Our processes have led us to enjoy both with their great differences. Always respect what is not the most accepted, because it keeps the activity dynamic and alive. We do not understand those statements that claim to label Graffiti – especially the illegal – as immature or of lesser value.
    Graffiti is always Graffiti. It is not necessary to look for alternative motivations to the process of doing it. It is in itself and I hope it continues to be so.


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