“Take everything out of your pockets”. If you have never heard this phrase, you have certainly been lucky so far. But analyzing what someone is wearing can be, apart from an easy method to incriminate someone, a way of portraying people. And this is why what we keep in our pockets can say a lot about our personality, sometimes more than we want to tell.

That’s what the Runyourpockets account is about, a collection of still photos made of the belongings of specific writers, mostly shown anonymously. And they are anonymous because the pockets of many writers usually also reflect the reality of the streets and with it some illegal objects or substances. So apart from markers, stickers, wallets, cameras, mobile phones, cigarettes and lighters, sometimes we find weapons, drugs or liquor bottles. The enormous presence of firearms and bottles of Hennessy makes it clear that, at least the vast majority of the participating writers, are Americans.

And as expected, the aerosol that appears most is the MTN Pocket… the pocket spraycan by Montana Colors. The  expression “run your pockets” also acquires a new meaning!

*Montana Colors does not condone the violence in any way.

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