Last weekend Urvanity, the international fair of “new contemporary art” in Madrid, took place. Its name refers to the different artistic styles that derive from urban art, which is why apart from all the exhibitions In the “indoor” format, several street interventions were carried out in the streets of Madrid. Good examples of this is the wall of Spok, the captivating sculpture by Sabek or, the great vertical mural of Pro176.

The French artist returned to the Spanish capital, once again invited by the Swinton Gallery. And this time to perform an intervention, peculiar in both its format and due to its location. The psychedelic imagination of Pro176 adapts to the three-story wall that leaves an alley off Tribulete Street, the side of the Mercado de San Fernando in the area of Lavapiés.

The aesthetics of Pro176, characterized by deconstructing the style of Jack Kirby’s comic, is reformed in a redundant way: the alley, a classic place where all superheroes (and writers) work, is the canvas that gives the piece yet another twist to the abstract deformation of classic comic book style.

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