Johan Ribe, (Ribe AOD NG) opened up a very interesting Youtube channel just three weeks ago … It publishes a series of videos about Swedish and other Nordic writers, in which each protagonist tells a specific anecdote related to graffiti. The narrative is subtitled and the images that accompany the testimonies offer different content in each case. From the exotic stories by DNE which comes accompanied by beautiful images recorded during his travels, to the shocking accident that Kaos tells us about while we watch his last pieces. Also Dart and his action in Toronto and the narration by Danish stylemaster Tele set in his workplace.
Dramatic, funny or simply outstanding stories, but all of them wrapped up in a format as simple as it is effective. A very intimate way to get to know some of these mythical graffiti writers a little bit more. We recommend that you relax, push play and enjoy some of these great stories in a calm and relaxed environment.

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