One of the most famous and international festivals within the Iberian Peninsula, takes place in Valencia. This is the well-known Fallas that now have become part of the list of World Heritage thanks to the decision of Unesco.
The party ends on March 19th with the traditional Cremà, where artistic elements are burned (in history they represented aspects repudiated by society) to symbolize leaving the old and giving space to the new.

Each year artists compete to make their sculpture the winner. It is a amazingly hard work behind the pieces – apart from the economic -, just to later end up in flames. We recommend that you go to visit the city and its cheerful madness during those dates. This year, in addition to the competing artists, we get to see PichiAvo taking part of this years Fallas. He has had a big impact on the city through interventions in the areas around. And also due to the famous intervention in the Convent del Carme, his expo in the Centro del Carme (curated by Frank Picazo) and his exhibition in the urban art gallery Plastic Murs.

Pictures by Estrella Jover.

But this update is not at all about all this…

We need to talk about what happened last Saturday in the Valencian town of Rafelbunyol (@rafelbunyolfinaldetrajecte). There the the city council of the area and our distributor Pinturas Herval joined forces. Just a week before the Fallas begun they decided to give a little more room for graffiti by handing out some designated walls for a select group of local graffiti writers to leave their pieces on. To round off the happening a miniskirt was created, and this was the result made by a group of children and some MTN Water Based 100, all orchestrated through a workshop held for children.
The pics from the event was taken by Lucas Sanchís Monsalve.
Not worth missing.. .

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