Daniel Marceli returns to the Chiloé archipelago, in southern Chile, gathering the mystical magic and mythology that emanates from this unique place.

On this occasion, the visit was done together with his son Lorenzo, so he took this opportunity to tell us an endearing story about his childhood; a personal fable that gives meaning to the mural that he carried out on the wood façade of a house. The result is strongly stimulating due to its context within the landscape.

My aunt Ninfa in Chiloé told me that when I was born and went to the country and ranch for the first time, some birds came to the tree near the window. They had never seen these birds before and they sang and sang. My grandmother used to say that they weren’t singing.
They came to laugh, as if to mock me. She said they were witches and kicked them out
so they wouldn’t come back. “Bad people,” she said…
This month I took Lorenzo to the same place, the same house, and painted a
human-bird; like a flying sorcerer. But this one
didn’t come to make fun of anyone. This one came to welcome Lorenzo
to the archipelago. As they would say, he’s a good sorcerer.
Welcome to Estancia, Lorenzo. Welcome to the islands!

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