It seems to come from another dimension, but in reality it comes from the deepest part of Murcia (Spain). Dante Arcade is a very fitting alias for the aesthetic in which the graffiti of this writer and artist is framed. The retro-futuristic atmosphere that surrounds each one of its productions reminds us of the aesthetics of vintage video games. Gradients that creates metallic effects, pixels and ranges that often are made in pink and green tones brings us back to the futuristic aesthetic of the 90s.

But to turn it up a notch, Dante has taken a step further as far as originality is concerned. As you can see in his Instagram, his last pieces the walls seems to play with his compositions. Fun dialogues between the pieces and the walls that create a certain visual play for the spectator, which in its turn makes each production a innovative intervention. Genius that runs several directions.

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