This graffiti artist from Murcia celebrates his 30th birthday by painting in style: music, dance, exhibition and live painting are some of the activities that where launched last weekend in Cartagena.

There are not many writers who can boast about 30 years in the game, at least in this part of the world. Therefore, getting to that point is cause for celebration.
Despite the fact that Krase‘s current work focuses on Milan, his commitment to his origins has been rewarded with a generous celebration in his native Cartagena. The event, which took place last weekend has had different spaces that have been enabled to launch all kinds of creative media, and all of them focused for people of all ages.

A show in the form of a eclectic festival with music and dancing, a collective exhibition, and a live show of painting in different formats are part of the different activities that have been launched and to which the presentation of the book that summarizes the trajectory has been added. This is the level of the entanglement that the local press has spread about the event.
On our part we leave you with the summary of what happened in images.

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