As you already know, at Montana Colors we pay special attention to the design of our products. Specifically it is among our aerosols where focus a lot on its appearance. For example, theMTN 94 has a design that presents 4 different variations in the slogans that it presents on the back. Or the MTN Hardcore, which has been presented with 6 different colors in its logo.
So turning 25 is something we are so proud of that we have thought it had to be reflected in each of our sprays.

For this reason, each of the MTN 94 and Hardcore sprays produced during 2019 includes the Montana Colors 25 anniversary logo in its design. This small detail, which does not involve any additional cost in the manufacturing process, serves to add an aesthetic novelty to the product which marks a specific period of time, making them particularly unique while celebrating the quarter of a century of this colorful adventure.

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