Abstraction and realism. These are the two styles within which the artist Wesl from Toledo in Spain creates his art. He began his voyage in the world of graffiti  back in 1991, and his studies in drawing and tattoo make him an academically qualified artist.

His particular aesthetic language is characterized by an almost acrobatic use of color in moving wavy forms whose volume effects and transparencies are mixed. An almost hypnotic style that also punctually invades other stylistic aspects. But both in his abstract works and in his more naturalistic works we see a subtle point of where they come together, and that is in the way he deals with the blurred parts of his productions. The generous use of the tones in the gradients of the colors gives his works a unique softness. Perhaps that is why, according to his Instagram, his favorite tool is the MTN 94, with its great range of 216 different matte colors.

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