Luce is a Valencian writer and artist that we have  talked about before on the blog and probably will continue talking about in the future. Today we have chosen to focus our attention on one of his latest projects. Something that we also found very interesting, although not directly related to graffiti, as an artistic medium is the use of public space and the will of the artist beyond his possibilities.

The name of the project ”Hasta dónde llego yo” (As far as I can get) could suggest something, but we like his own description: ‘This piece talks about how, with my own means or limitations, I can make a large painting without the use of cranes or scaffolding. As a result, the three circles comes to represents the three floors of the building. I made holes in the wall until I could get my arm and the roller out.’

The photos are taken by David Zarzoso and the video where made by Fernando Moreno and David Zarzoso.

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