• Name: Sam Elgreco
  • Crew:
  • City-country: Curitiba, Brasil. Actually Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • Active since: 2000
  • Personal motivation: I am a graffiti writer, muralist, plastic artist and designer. At the beginning, back in 2000, 2001, 2002, I started making Pixacao with spray and then pieces, in those years we had a Crew in Sao Paulo with some colleagues from the neighborhood called Club 40. Later, back in 2006, 2007 I started to paint abstract murals, I suppose the graffiti letters opened the doors to this new world to me. In my opinion it was an evolution  and at that moment I realized, that I was born to dedicate myself to painting. I investigated and, above all, I painted a lot in the streets of Sao Paulo. Then when I was 13 years old I moved with my family to the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, and when I arrived I started painting a lot too. I never had a crew here, because rather I was already doing murals, although I had periods where I painted a lot with other artists, friends and colleagues in this city. I always took it as something more introspective, I really wanted to develop my personal style, back in 2009- 2010 from the abstract to investigate the geometry, which is the aesthetic language that I am currently handling. I believe that art is constantly asking questions, that is why a painter throughout his career goes through different stages/styles. What stimulated me to develop this is a set of things, from the architecture of the city, the music I listened to, the generation of the 8 bit video games that I grew up with and also the design influenced me when I started  studying at the university in Buenos Aires. During these years I was able to travel a lot around the world and I began to see the different maps of the cities, where I have been, as a communication platform. My desires were and are really to merge my work with the environment to generate one same piece, lto seek balance with the context. The strongest characteristics of my work are the study of color and shapes, the futuristic movement, alchemy, deconstructivism, optical illusion and 3D are some topics that have always interested me and I constantly research using it as a concept to develop my work.
  • Message: be faithful to your goals and work hard to build them or at least try. A desire I have is to be able to continue traveling around the world to paint more and more in large formats, I am happy to be able to expand my work more and more.

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