It’s been 5 years since Montana Colors launched the revolutionary MTN Water Based 300, an efficient water-based spray paint with features that were a breakthrough for many artist’s needs. After all this time during which this product has consecrated itself as a fundamental element within the Montana Colors catalogue, the time has come to go one step further and broaden its color spectrum.

Now, what you’ve all been waiting for, the new MTN Water Based 300 colors have arrived.

Until now, the MTN Water Based palette was organized into 14 colors, with 3 different shades each. With the new expansion, each color range has been increased to 5 shades, and we’ve added 4 more ranges that help provide a more complete chromatic circle. There will probably be some of you rubbing your hands together at this point…

Remember, you can find orientative color charts which indicate the new colors, in all Montana Colors shops and retailers.

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