The animals of Sabek from Madrid invade the walls of the Montana Gallery Barcelona presented in a busy opening inaugural event.
Photos by Esther Boyarizo.

After surprising with his hypnotizing sculpture for the Urbanity in Madrid, in addition to several projects both nationally and internationally, Sabek continues his exhibitions at the Montana Gallery Barcelona.
The gallery of Montana Colors hosts until June 29 a selection of 16 paintings in three different forms, to which is added a glass fiber sculpture to fulfill the exhibition.

The animalistic style of Sabek,  with its characteristic shadowing and at the same time colorist aesthetics lets us reflect on our animal origin, managed to gather representatives of the entire urban creative movement in its different forms. Not only writers and artists of the Barcelona scene joined the show, at the inauguration they also attended, expressly, personalities from other cities such as Seville and Lisbon. Representatives of the urban ecosystem, as instinctive and passionate as the one that hung on the walls of the Montana Gallery Barcelona.

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