• Name: Smog
  • Crew: 116, CPT and SPK.
  • City-country: I grew up in Quebec City, Canada, but I’m most definitely a citizen of the World.
  • Active since: I dropped my first tag around 1999 but seriously started to paint in 2003.
  • Favorite surface: I like to paint pretty much everything that comes to me.
  • Personal motivation: I personally need to permanently alternate between bombing and piecing. To me bombing is the only real graffiti. Still, being creative on walls and having fun with the homies is also a necessity. Both of these gets boring without the other.
    Right now, my main motivation with graffiti is to produce a mix of old school, of tradition, with new school, younger and fresher point of view. Destroy and rebuild.
    Find me on your block.

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