• Name: Yann Le Berre a.k.a L’Outsider
  • Crew: FD (Paris), Moderne Jazz (all France), French Kiss (Paris), LCA (old timers from Paris), SIA ( my first crew).
  • City-country: I live in a small town in the west of France, in Bretagne and I lived for 10 years in Paris.
  • Active since: I’d really started in 2000
  • Favorite surface: all the surfaces if I could I would like to paint all my productions on the NYC subway! But I like to paint on different things, the good surface for the style or idea.
  • Personal motivation: It’s not a motivation, it’s a devotion! All my life turns around that I am happy when I paint, when an old timer likes my work, when I sell a canvas, when I need a new inspiration. The life is kind with me for that.

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