• Name: Giose
  • Crew: TFP The Fantastic Partners / Hell’s Vastas / CFH / UGEES / MG
  • City-country: Bari, Italy
  • Active since: Started in 1992…..never stop
  • Favorite surface: Walls along railroad. Everything visible from a train
  • Personal motivation: Writing is a child who writes his name on steamed glass. It’s a self-referential language. I speak to my own kind, with my friends. The attitude is still the same, i took my space illegally. Hey look at that, it’s me! I wrote who am i with my touch of style, respecting the history of Graffiti and the basics of Graffiti Code. I have an age, and write my name is my childish side, for doing good graffiti you must act like a kid . I share this code with a lot of people in the world. It’s a revolution. Piece!

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