• Name: Ariadna Galaz Vega y Jorge Peralta Galindo.
  • Crew: Los Calladitos
  • City-country: Ciudad de México, Mexico
  • Active since: 2015
  • Personal motivation / message: Ariadna Galaz and Jorge Peralta “Los Calladitos” are a couple of artists who adopted this name since they consider that the work is worth a thousand words, they met studying graphic design and each one specialized in different branches, Jorge studied animation and Ari editorial illustration.
    The creation of their characters is based on legends or real people who represent the community they visit, to whom they add a magical touch. From the murals they design characters that later they wish to develop in editorial or animation projects.

We describe the calladitos as all those people who, instead of talking, dedicate themselves to creating. Those people who are passionate about their work, dedicated to improving the environment through their art, their profession.
We know that in the world there are many small things. Conscious people with our reality. Active people who are looking for different ways to bring that light to all the places on earth.
We, as Los Calladitos, decided to go out and paint in the streets because we realized that this is where we can connect directly with people. That is where you can perceive the reality of things.
Thanks to this we have been able to travel and know many cultures that have made us grow and understand the world from another perspective. We have also met many calladitos from multiple nations, that fills us with hope and we understand that wherever you are from, we all look for the same.
The best experiences of our life have been when we are facing a wall painting and transmitting without the need for words.
Each place we visit greatly nourishes the graphic world of the Calladitos, there is always something special, something unique, that inspires us to create more characters and more stories.



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