Are you ready for this? The MADMAXXX range has blown up! We’ve released 6 new colors in the most devastating Montana Colors format.

Now, the most powerful spray paint on the market with its characteristic bevelled spray line is available in a range of 8 different colors. To accompany the 2G Black and “Chrome” Silver, we’ve added

  • White
  • Light Yellow
  • Vivid Red
  • Paris Green
  • Anonymous Violet
  • Electric Blue

The possibilities of this excellent spray paint have just been multiplied, making it possible to create enormous calligraphy or quickly fill in large surfaces.

More than two years have passed since Montana Colors presented MADMAXXX and it’s the spectacular response that this unique, 750 ml spray paint has received that forced us to broaden its chromatic range. For this expansion, the most commonly used hues were chosen and narrowed down into five basic colors: red, yellow, green, blue and violet, as well as white.

MADMAXXX’s appeal is now greater than ever!

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