The bunkers on the French Atlantic coast served as the stage where Mites’ and Reso’s styles went head to head. The two writers use the same colors, not just not in one, but in four joint murals.

Built during the Second World War to defend part of the French coast from a possible allied attack, the bunkers on the beaches of the Aquitaine region have long since become a unique Hall of Fame on the seashore.

These buildings were erected during the Nazi occupation and their location made demolishing them too expensive. In this case, graffiti has played a transforming role by appropriating these buildings. Creativity and color decorate and hide the war component of these giants getting swallowed up by the sand, while at the same time, propitiating an artistic interest in the locals.

This context seemed like a great way to continue the Face 2 Face series, in which two writers of equivalent style and skills go up against one another using the same colors. Mites and Reso, the most prolific bunker wildstylers, star in this new episode in which their hyperactivity leads them to painting four murals.

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