The Swedish artist converts empty sprays into synthetic floral decorations that build beautiful lamps.

Montana Colors is a brand specially committed to the recycling of aerosols. That is why, in addition to raising awareness among users and facilitating the correct placement of spent sprays, we are admirers of all those who bring this awareness to an artistic level.

“My work has always been focused on recreating abandoned materials to draw attention to socio-cultural and environmental complexities. Colorful, sharp forms and unexpected elements are characteristic of my works.”

This is the case of Sarah Button, an artist born in Gothenburg whose nomadic personality has taken her to live in several continents, and since 2018 settled in Indonesia. By using the metal of empty aerosols, Sarah has specialized in a sculptural technique of her own that maintains a link with industrial design.

Each can that she collects are treated manually and transformed into colored flowers (with a configuration of petals similar to the one of roses) that she uses to cover metal structures that becomes unique spherical lamps full of color and life.

In addition to the sensational aesthetic results of her works, these sources of light are the final form of the tools of many artists and contain a redundant, almost spiritual, artistic component.

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