City Marx continues to fulfill its commitment to letter based graffiti in Taiwan through the Wall Lords festival.

In mid-June, graffitishop CityMarx organized the latest edition of Wall Lords, a graffiti event held in Taiwan that brought together different writers based in Asia: From Jaba, Ewok or Jayflow to Song (Singapore) Joker (Thailand) and Fivust ( Indonesia). The meeting puts the Chinese country back on the map for the powerful Asian graffiti scene.
Some of the writers participating dedicated their pieces to the legendary swiss stylemaster Dare. If you want to see the final pieces, just visit Wall Lords‘ Instagram.

Wall Lords is back again after 9 years!
The goal of Wall Lords hasn’t changed since day 1 and it’s LETTERS!
Tag, throw-up and piecing is as important to each other, thus in every Wall Lords battle it’ll include all 3 elements.
Wall Lords wants to bring letters back to the map again, and “Make Letters Great Again” would be the mission for this year’s battle.
Out of 8 contestant from around the world, we want to congrats Wezt for winning the battle and Joker as the second place. Both will be flown out to the next round for another battle.

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