Today we bring you something that comes out of the material we are used to seeing. Beyond the spray or latex but sharing spaces with both, and with a similar intention we have encountered the installations of this Portuguese artist.

Aheneah, has been combining two worlds since 2016: embroidery, cross stitching as a heritage from her grandma and her studies as a graphic designer. Two passions that according to her are more united than it may seem in principle because the cross stiching works like pixels.

Its existence on the streets cannot be overlooked for its color and beauty that captivate both far and near. In fact, when you visit her instagram profile and take a quick glance, it is inevitable to think that she uses spray. And indeed, she finishes the works of thread with aerosols.

Her mural works try to find a symbiosis between the neighborhood she is in, the neighbors and her basic message, which in her own words is this: ‘The value that our roots can have on our paths. The importance of not letting the knowledge of our past generations be lost over time, but of bringing it to enrich our generation. Connecting and building communication between different generations is always my goal.’




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