Montana Colors Uruguay presents their latest video which compiles a series of painting sessions by the SR Crew on metro systems from different parts of the world.

The “Super Rotos” (super drunk), “Stupid Rascals” or “Serial Killers” is the most representative Uruguayan train graffiti crew, founded in 2011. Two years later after the release of, “De Ruta”, the crew comprised of Spat, Geks, Shear, Toser, Watos, 2Per, Kabe 7 and Guer present a new audiovisual compilation feature European, American and Brazilian action. The video sponsored by Montana Shop Montevideo is proof that the graffiti scene in Uruguay is more active than ever.

We can’t confirm whether or not SR Crew are actually a bunch of drunks, but we can say that they’re not playing around.

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