• Name: Ahmed Najah aka Nofal O
  • Crew:
  • City-country: El cairo, Egypt
  • Active since: 2009
  • Personal motivation/ message: I love it because it is a free art, an art that the rich, the poor and all classes can see. They all walk in the same street. Street artists also do not wait for the exhibition until they put their works. They carry their tools and go to the walls immediately. It is free. It is not supposed to be imprisoned inside the exhibition walls, it is a real art and its details are unique.
    You benefit from dealing with all forms of people in the street, as well as benefit from drawing on large areas on the walls of the streets.
    I have also come to this approach but with a slight difference: I was greatly influenced by the stories of ancient Egyptians, which were renewed on the walls of temples and ancient monuments and that made me come back to history and the memory of these stories and imagine them in a modern way. This has helped me to become a painter and designer. I have been influenced by artists, Street writers and painters from Brazil, most of them distinctive in the design of characters.  From here I made my characters personality’s inspired by my face I was drawing myself a lot of times and I incorporated it culture and civilization from my ancestors Egyptian. The stories of the little pharaoh were told about these stories, and they were also incorporated into the street culture.

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