Ocreos is a Belgian writer who also is a expert in the field of illustration and typography, something we can see in his last pieces with different words and a style of colorful cholo lettering.

It has already become a fairly common trend that graffiti writers has started to specialize in illustration and typography.  Artists like Shane and Rise are very good examples that fits this profile, and within which Ocreos is also identified.

His instagram has been, until recently, a reflection of a very defined creative diversification.  But in his latest wall productions we see how two of his passions have joined: graffiti and typography.  For more than a year, the Ocreos style on brick has gone from being a completely personal wildstyle, to merging fully with the chola typography to which he applies exquisite effects and color combinations. Bright 3d’s, shaded and degraded in color are some of the impressive tricks that make his compositions really impressive lettering works, and that on more than one occasion they are accompanied by the characters of @machetattoo.

If you want to witness his evolution and be updated with his new productions, this Instagram account must be on your “followed” list.

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