An unparalleled mix of writers and urban artists come together in the Croatian town of Bjelovar to color their buildings.

What do the styles of artists like Farid Rueda, Karski & Beyond, Mosk or Azram have in common?
Well, really very little, except that since last June we can find them in a specific city in the Central European country of Croatia.  This heterogeneous and successful mix of urban artists and writers, with very different styles,  but all first class, is what makes 43Jam a very interesting festival.  Chez, Lunar, Fio Silva, Glow, Smack, Menik, Casino, Royal and Artez are some more artists who also make up the grid of participants in the 2019 edition and which is summarized in this video filmed and edited by Stipe Boscic.

The 43jam project began in 2006 and since then a large number of international graffiti artists from around the world has visited the event.  The work of graffiti artists on the walls of Bjelovar aims to make the value of graffiti-art accessible to anyone who takes a look at the huge murals and pieces that break the gray of the opaque walls and urban spaces.  In the past 14 years, Bjelovar has acquired a completely new perspective on graffiti ,and urban art murals and has become a good example of a city that promotes street art among the people and for the people.

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