Why is it that every time there is an event at the Montana Café Restaurant, the best of Barcelona’s underground creative scene comes?
The particular atmosphere that is breathed in this establishment, together with the always useful excuse of free beer is always a good claim.  But it is the artists participating in the exhibitions that are the main cause that attracts a diverse audience of the different generations.

It was obvious that a collective exhibition in which Dune, LaPera, Malicia, Meri, Mia Álvarez, Niña, Numi, Tysa Paulina, Vegan Bunnies y Yubia were going to be a success … and so it was.  In this heterogeneous exhibition, works of different styles for all tastes were gathered. And their unification was found in the special risography that was made for the occasion.  From the manga style of Mia Alvarez to the perfectionism of Niña through the expressiveness of Malicia, the walls of the Montana Café Restaurant became dressed in color in an event that also served to welcome Tysa Paulina.

Mark Madness was in charge of capturing some moments with his camera which you can see below, and we hope you will be encouraged to go and see the exhibition, and, do not miss the next event at the Montana Café Restaurant.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

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