Naples is one of the European capitals of graffiti, but also one of the most authentic Italian cities in terms of landscape, cuisine and urban life. This is about four writers from the Iberian Peninsula that went there to leave their names behind and enjoy a few days of adventure and fun.

Crem, Mola, Mukie y Yubia had planned a trip to make a short summer vacation. This powerful team of graffiti writers are experts, and not only in that of getting their name up with spray, but also in enjoying the small pleasures of life.

Naples is the perfect city to carry out both objectives, so this experience becomes multiplied by the personality and style of the four members, and well worth sharing through a video. Trains, subways, streets, food, parties and beaches between toasts are mixed in a story that offers the juiciest side of Mediterranean underground graffiti, hand in hand with the different styles of Crem, Mola, Mukie and Yubia.

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