After his successful visit to the Montana Gallery Barcelona, the artist Sabek from Madrid has spent a summer focusing exclusively on larger-scale interventions: murals on building facades. Or so it seems after his latest interventions in places as diverse as California, Moscow or Loiret (France).

A gigantic decorative ceiling, a huge wall and a facade of 18 floors are some of the surfaces that has become the canvas for Sabek during this summer. Although this type of work in large format is nothing new on the path of this artist, it is still surprising in how little time the pieces have been made: less than a month. Without a doubt this is an indicator of the motivation and effectiveness of Sabek as well as a reflection of the state in which his artistic development is.

His imagination continues to focus on the animal kingdom and leaves behind a clear message of both spiritual and ecological reflection through a resounding and calculated use of plain colors. The strength in the contrast between the layers of color seems to be made more effective since it fits in this type of interventions in which the size is one of the reasons for the impact of his work: both for the spectators as in its effect on the international urban art scene itself.

“A particular mixture of finesse and power in perfect balance in which the shapes and masses of plain simple colors, used almost as symbols, coexist perfectly with the most delicate details.  Animals represented in a minimalist way that intermingle with plant forms and human representations in an allegory of natural balance and the energies that it channels.  SABEK creates his compositions without making the symbols yield to the logic of what the scene is supposed to mean, and this way his works, rather than reflecting a reality, creates one.”

Anna Dimitrova, Montana Gallery Barcelona curator.

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