After several legal problems and heavy fines a few years ago, Baro, a Swiss graffiti artist, had stopped painting trains to work cleaning trucks. But not far from his home near the French/Swiss border, the touristic trains of Coni’Fer were there like a constant temptation.

Without hesitation, together with his colleague Ludo de Lausanne, they contacted the head of the Pontarlier railway association and offered to organize a graffiti festival disguised as street art, all made on their trains. And it seems that the idea turned out more than well.

“It brings back good memories of my youth …. except that this time is legal!”


“Our old wagons are horrible … let’s do something artistic! It’s an excellent idea that revitalizes the place.”

Jean-Claude, Coni’Fer responsible.

Activities for children and even a inflatable castle encouraged the little ones to try the MTN Water Based. A sensational experience accompanied by burners on the wagons, all in a natural environment worthy of being a magazine cover.  Even one of the wagons was turned into a gigantic Hardcore 2. El Art On Train” undoubtedly became a success beyond the expected.

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