The fact that the Malaysian scene has been rising up like magma is something we’ve talked about before. Southeast Asian writers and artists populate social networks feed, filling them with quality and color.

Perhaps one of these examples is Montana Shop Kuala Lumpur, which has been supplying the city and its writers with paint since 2015.
Another indisputable and palpable example is the talent of the Malaysian artist and illustrator who we’re addressing in today’s post: Katun.

Today, this graffiti artist becomes part of our Limited Edition family, thanks to the talent and overflowing technique he boasts with a spray can.
His universe, populated by animals, especially apes which demonstrate more than human qualities exist within the framework of the love for this culture, in which color also assumes a leading role.

This limited edition is a gift for the eyes of collectors and art lovers in general. Don’t forget to ask for it at your nearest retailer.

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