Tiny Giants is a project that exhibits a collection of miniature trains painted by the world’s largest graffiti artists whose last exhibition took place at The Cointaner Yard in Los Angeles.

Artist since 1988, Kurtis is the curator of “Tiny Giants”, an exhibition project of model freights trains painted by different artists of the US graffiti scene.  Cope2, Asend or Merlot are just some of the names that appear in the repertoire of the project. In the video we present below, shot at The Container Yard in Los Angeles, Kurtis tells us about the history of his collection, his ideas about graffiti and its future. A project that also fits perfectly to announce the upcoming and imminent exhibition in which, in addition to the large catalog of miniatures, the personal collection of Limited Editions MTN from the creator of Tiny Giants also will be displayed.

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